Mastering War

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This PDF contains almost everything I've wrote about War. If I can guarantee one thing, it would be this..

If you seriously study the material in this book, you will become a master at commanding yourself and others, planning a course for your life, and developing the strength of character to endure it.

In my opinion, it is one of the most comprehensive books you can read and study on the art of war.

Since this is a collection of my own essays, you can read it in book format for no additional cost.

There are many reasons why you should have a solid understanding of the principles of war in the modern world.

But the main reason why you should Master War is because to be aimless in this cold world means you have no command over yourself. You don't know how to strategise. You don't know how to plan an attack to reach the heights of success.

That means you have neither direction nor strategy. This is a dangerous place to find yourself.

Part of being a man is realising that no one is coming to cover your ass and fight on your behalf, so you better know how to command yourself from every angle, and plan the life you want according to your aims.

Here is a preview of the content that's covered:

Mastering War is 38 pages long, and 8 chapters deep.

Chapter 1 – Deathground

Chapter 2 – Stoicism

Chapter 3 – Self-Sustenance

Chapter 4 – Endurance & Hardship

Chapter 5 – Leadership

Chapter – Division & Structure

Chapter 6 – Ends Justify Means

Chapter 7 – Obeying Yourself

Chapter 8 – Persistence

If you're familiar with my work, you know the depth of knowledge and insight embedded in my work never disappoints.

If you're ready to get rolling, you can simply grab yourself a copy at no cost by clicking I want this.

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Mastering War is a toolkit and treatise for men who want to become superior leaders.

81 Pages, 20 Chapters
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Mastering War

1 rating