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The Art of Power by ArtfulPrudence

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Transform Pain into Power in your 20's in less than 50 days with Time-Tested Strategies of War and Persuasion...

If you are like most men today,

You have lost your edge, you have allowed people to decide your destiny.

You are being pushed around by your emotions,

You are allowing them to shape a miserable future for you.

As a result, you feel vulnerable and weak. You feel out of touch with yourself.

However, there is still hope for you, and I'm going to reveal it to you.

Your higher and best self is waiting to be set free.

This is not some superstition, everyone has a higher self.

It is usually attributed to your limitless potential.

It is time to redeem your power. It is time to build a successful and strong kingdom for yourself.

I want to speed up your progress towards reaching self-mastery and ultimately arriving at your goals,

I would like to offer you an extremely effective, step-by-step model that, once followed properly, promises you at least two of the following blessings:

  • Influence & Good Name
    • Effortlessly get what you want from anyone without sacrificing your reputation. [by using the principles in the Art of Power].
    • A good name that wins you favour, support, and opportunity.
  • Rewarding Social Status
    • More attention from women – allows you to be the chooser, rather than the chosen.
    • Higher status means higher pay – you will receive bigger and better opportunities to make money.
    • Respectability & Popularity - Vast Social Network.
  • Disciplined and Focused Mindset
    • High Quality Friendships with Like-Minded Men
    • Improved Health and Happiness
    • Emotional Stability
    • Independence and Freedom to Live

The Art of Power will provide you the necessary tools and strategies to truly win, not just in one specific area, but at life as a whole.

This painstaking guide lays down the only principles you need in a clear, understandable format.

Each concept is further simplified by key points at the end of each chapter.

And if that doesn't cut it, the wisdom in the Art of Power cuts through all the useless junk found in most books today.

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30 Day Money-back Guarantee

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This full guide is a raw, comprehensive, and hard-hitting resource that gives you the tools you need to master your powers of influence and get what you want out of life.

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The Art of Power by ArtfulPrudence

17 ratings