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The Hero's Audiobook

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The Hero's Audiobook

10 ratings

A Rational Way to Regain Your Manhood, Reach Your Purpose and Conquer Your Insecurities Once and For All...

If you are like most men today, you have lost touch with your masculine nature. 

If you’re frustrated by your lack of strength and knowledge, if you feel like a failure, or if you’re just not happy with the way your life is going right now, there is hope. 

The truth is that you have all the wisdom and power already inside of you, and it’s yours for the taking.

On my blog, I’ve shared many of my thoughts and anecdotes in an effort to help you become the kind of man others turn to. 

But if you didn't have the time to read everything I wrote. Don't worry, I will make it easy for you to understand that wisdom right now.

Over 40 essays have been put together in an audiobook to make it easier for you to navigate through 7+ hours of professionally narrated insight. 

This audiobook is the perfect companion for your daily commute. Listen to it while you’re stuck in traffic, working out at the gym, or just lounging around at home.

The Audiobook Comes in 3 Parts: 

Part 1 - The Red Pill for Man 

  • Understanding the Key Principles of the Red Pill
  • The Forbidden Knowledge of Gaming Women
  • Understanding What Makes Women Thick
  • Navigating The Sexual Market and Testing Women
  • Becoming a High-Value Man
  • Destroying Limiting Illusions and Building Integrity
  • The Real No BS Alpha Mentality
  • Learning the Secrets of Desirability
  • Understanding The Nature of Masculinity (What Makes Man Alpha)
  • Building Up the Masculine Ideal
  • Destroying Your Ignorance
  • Reverse Engineering Your Weakness
  • Developing a Purpose for Your Life
  • Building a Frame of Mind of Abundance

Part 2 - Teachings of Stoicism

  • Discovering and Building Man's Determination
  • Overcoming Your Emotions
  • Building a Strong Purpose
  • Developing Stoic Endurance and Persistence
  • Conquering Pain and Suffering
  • Mastering the Art of Discipline and Control
  • Taking Control of Pleasure and Desire
  • Destroying The Limits of Fear
  • Building Inner Peace and Will Power
  • Developing Detachment and Overcoming Attachment

Part 3 - Power and Strategy

  • The Truth Behind The Nature of Power
  • Understanding How to Play the Game to Win 
  • How to Apply the Tools of Influence to Build Your Power
  • Building and Defending a Solid Reputation 
  • Controlling Social Situations to Your Benefit
  • Shaping and Manipulating Self-Image 
  • Understanding Social Dynamics and Signals
  • Understanding Human Nature and Human Motivation
  • Making People Play with the Cards You Deal
  • Commanding Respect and Winning People to Your Side
  • The Wisdom of Machiavelli in the Modern World
  • Learning the Qualities of Leadership
  • Understanding The Features of a Machiavellian Man
  • Developing The Key Characteristics for Influence

You will

  • Regain Your Manhood - Ignite Your Manliness
  • Reclaim Your Rational Nature - Win Back Your Freedom and Control
  • Rebuild Your Purpose - Find your 'Why' to Live
  • Reach the Heights of Power - Build a Powerful and Reliable Reputation 
  • Rise Above the Weak Mindset - Overcome Your Fragile Emotions 
  • Rewire Your Masculine Strength - Conquer Your Limitations and Be a Man of Value
  • Relearn Female Nature - Crack the Female Code By Being the Prize
  • Reshape Your Future for the Better - Build a Booming Future for Yourself & Your Family

Why This Product Is Different

  • It teaches you the raw truth of what it means to be a man, not soft 'just be yourself' affirmations to keep you positive. 
  • It delivers a rational way to regain your manhood that prepares you for the dangerous world and covers you on all fronts: from masculinity to mindset.
  • It covers everything you need to know to overcome your weakness and rewire your masculine strength. 
  • It is understandable, guiding you step by step from unlearning false beliefs to rebuilding your purpose and reclaiming your rational mindset. 
  • It cuts through all the 'BS' and goes right to the truth. 

What's Included

  • The 3-Part Audiobook with 7+ hours of Professional Narration
  • Bonus #1: Selected Essays: A Power Handbook with a Collection of My Written Essays
  • Bonus #2: The Art of Power [My book]

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